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Categories – Education For Life, For All
Product Information – Categories € 3 Categories Overview | Category Detail Editor | Creating a New Category Information on this page relates to features that are available in the Enhancement Teacher

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A Rundown Of The Patriots' Phenomenal Offensive Performance
The Patriots didn't just beat the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, they obliterated their AFC opponent.        

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Categories can also be used as a fun, simple way to organize people into smaller groups for other activities.

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CATEGORIES – United States Army
CATEGORIES 1. -Active duty (AD) military personnel and Families (includes U.S. Coast Guard) (18 Points) 2. -Members of the RC and Families (includes Ready Reserve and National Guard, and their Family members) (17

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Help:Category – Meta – Wikimedia
Categories, a software feature of MediaWiki, provide automatic indexes that are useful as tables of contents. Together with links and templates they structure a project.

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Category:Portals – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Categories: Contents; Navigation menu. Personal tools. Create account; Log in; Namespaces. Category; Talk; Variants. Views. Read; Edit; View history; Actions. Search. Navigation. Main page; Contents; Featured content; Current events; Random


Digital Music – By Category
An index of categories in the Digital Music GuideSite The History of Digital Music Have you ever wondered where and how it all started?

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Categories Of Articles – WikiHow
Categories of Articles. Learn how to Categorize a wikiHow Article. Arts and Entertainment. Cars & Other Vehicles. Computers and Electronics. Education and Communications. Family Life. Finance and Business. Food and Entertaining. Health. Hobbies and Crafts.


Categories – Description Of An Icebreaker And Get To Know You …
Categories. A fun, interactive, introductory get-to-know-you activity for medium to large groups. Works best with large groups (min. is ~15).

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